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Oh, Daisy Chen

Daisy Chen, a first-year Medill graduate student, says she never goes to bookstores. "I really don't buy any books, my whole life. There is no need for me to buy books because you can get everything online."

Another death of the independent bookstores article.

Warren Ellis' New TV Show

Price of a First Class Stamp

I Love You, Man

We've got some free passes for I Love You, Man (Starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel) here at the store. They're for tomorrow night at 7:30pm at White Marsh. Come by and get one!

February Baltozine Round-Up Update

As we can't catch everything, and new magazines come in every week, we'll be updating our monthly Baltozine Round-Up. So if we miss anything, please let us know in the comments section.

Maximum Rocknroll #310
Deep Sleep - Manic Euphoria EP
"... Manic Euphoria is like a six-track mini-album full of great lyrics and a perfect mixture of melody and angst that will leave you satisfied in the end." -Bob Goldie

(thanks for the heads up, Tony)

Juxtapoz #97
Profile of Mollie Goldstrom featuring her piece, "Obstructionists IV"
"Mollie Goldstrom is a printmaker and member of Closed Caption Comics, a group of Maryland Institute College of Art alumni who collaborate on a biannual comics anthology of the same name." -Caleb Neelon

(thanks for the tip, Molly O.)

AmericanStyle #66
A look at the loft of (with lots of photos) of Beth Piver and Andy Vick in Cumberland MD.
"When Beth Piver and Andy Vick found their two-story loft space in a brick bulilding in downtown Cumb…

Ugly Dolls Blind boxed

uglydollblindbox, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Coming soon! Ugly Dolls in a new vinyl blindboxed form!

Our site has been up and down rather randomly this past week and we're looking into that.

But you can always call us (410-662-4444) or IM us (atomicbooks) to place an order or check on titles!

Diamond - Too Big To Fail?

Does the comics industry need a bailout?

This would be an excellent time to start a comics distro.

Hint, hint!

Jin & Jam #1


February Baltozine Round-Up

Since this year promises to be a big one for Baltimore arts, I'll try and keep track of new magazines that come in that talk about Baltimore stuff.

In Mojo #184:
Crazy Dreams Band - s/t
Score: ***
"Absurdist synth-rock is the modus operandi for this groovy project featuring Baltimore's performance art chanteuse Lexie Mountain. Backed by a low-slung rhythm section, harmonica, lap steel, 'guitar machete' and some fabulously wayward lead Moog lines, her blues wail suggests Patti Smith fronting Trans Am, peaking on the 10-minute Nightcrawler." -Manish Agarwal

In Filter #34:
Arbouretum - Song Of The PearlScore: 83%
"...Song Of The Pearl is a very solid and accessible record. ... Arbouretum, however, keeps its doom-folk straightforward enough for the appreciation of stoners and serious musicians alike. But while the melodies and rhythms won't escape most listeners, it is the aforementioned instrumental prowess and attention to detail that help build appreciation …

Scott Pilgrim - The Movie

michael2, originally uploaded by radiomaru. Coming 2009!?

Michael Cera IS Scott Pilgrim!

Dead Air - The End Of Analog Party

The End of Analog is coming. Are you ready?
8PM. $6. Metro Gallery. Station North, Baltimore.
1700 N Charles St.Scott and Tom from Atomic TV have put together a new "media maxi-pad absorbing the continual flow of pop Culture" especially for the event.

Good-bye analog, hello digital! 11:59:59pm February 17, 2009 is currently the legal deadline for TV broadcasters to switch from over-the-air analog broadcast to digital, leaving traditional TV sets unable to receive broadcast TV. Dead Air marks this momentous cultural and historical occasion taking a look back at analog and forward to digital -- how we use it, abuse it, love it, and hate it-- the flaws, joys, (dis)advantages, and beauty of it all.

The exhibition kicks off on Feb 17 with THE END of Analog Party, a rock 'n roll multimedia circus including music by Baltimore's art rock super-stars Lo Moda and Plans Plans plus DC's Edie Sedgwick (Disc…

Happy Presidents Day

Craft Goes Online Only

Like a lot of magazines right now, Craft is ceasing it's print publication. But at least it'll live online, unlike the growing pile of dead magazines and newspapers.

Kill Audio Signing

Claudio Sanchez, lead singer of Coheed & Cambria, will be here at Atomic Books Friday the 13th, from 2:30 to 4pm, signing some of his comics and his new toy, Kill Audio.

Story of O - February Reading Club Pick

This month for Reading Club, we're reading The Story of O. How romantic!

Discussion will be the last Wednesday of the month, here at Atomic, 7-9pm!

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies

prideandprejudiceandzombies, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Zombies are everywhere...but did you think they'd invade classic lit?