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danceofdays, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Finally! We get to have our punk rock night - rescheduled for TONIGHT now that the snow is gone.

Hopefully, Sab will make it back from New York's blizzard alive.

Mini Munnys Now In Color

picketmunny, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. The new Mini Munnys come with new accessories! How handy!

Now what should this little guy protest?

Upcoming Events

atomicfictionseries, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. We have a bunch of events this coming week, many of which had been rescheduled due to the snow, so check out the times and dates.

Also, for Friday's Smile, Hon, You're In Flagrante! reading, we've combined it with our Atomic Swingers singles group. We won't make you single people wear name tags...but if you'd like, you can wear the name of your favorite writer.

We Haz Found Snow Pie!

wehazfoundsnowpie!, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Sorry for 2 cat photos in a row, but it had to be done.

It's a beautiful day today! You should really come out and enjoy it while you can because you know what's happening tomorrow? That's right! MORE SNOW!!

No shit.

UPDATE: Hey, maybe we caught a break and it's less snow than we thought.

Banjo Social

Cat Playing a Banjo - Cabinet Card, originally uploaded by photo_history. Play some banjo or always wanted to know how? Play some other instrument that can play along with a banjo?

Come by and meet other banjo enthusiasts, learn some stuff!

With your host, Banjo Pete.

We'll have a couple of extra banjos on hand for the complete newbie!

February 21st, 4:30pm-6:30pm

We Are Closed

And we will be closed Wednesday, Feb 10th.

See you on the other side!

I Love You More Than You Know - February Reading Club Pick

We're getting a late start on this, but this month's Reading Club pick is I Love You More Than You Know by Jonathan Ames.

The group discussion is the last Wednesday of the month at 7pm!

Snowpocalypse 2: Electric Boogaloo

noon, originally uploaded by DtotheUtotheG. More snow coming tomorrow!! Another possible 10-20 inches.

Well, at this point we'd like to say that our events will be postponed, so check back for new dates.


boyblunder, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. We're going to try to open the store in a bit, too.


4pm, originally uploaded by DtotheUtotheG. It really doesn't look like we'll be able to open tomorrow either...

Our friend Dug is measuring the snow based on his dog.

And here is Benn in our yard, he's 6'5".

We're all getting buried here in Baltimore!


UPDATE: We're now closed!

We're still open! But who knows for how long with the coming Snowpocalypse. We are definitely closed tomorrow, Saturday, Feb 6th. Hopefully we'll be able to open back up on Sunday.

If you're at work just counting down until you leave early here's some stuff to look at:

Picture Book Report - 15 artists illustrate their favorite books

Gutter Magazine has a food column now.

Giant Robot needs your help.

Dance Of Days & Sab Grey POSTPONED!!

danceofdays, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. This First Friday! Mark Anderson will be at Atomic Books to talk punk rock, show some vintage footage from the scene, along with Sab Grey who'll be reading from his latest novel, Hated & Proud.

Starts at 7pm!

UPDATE: Due to the weather we've decided to postpone this event until Feb 27th!

Vinylmore III

We're taking applications for Vinylmore III.

This year's theme is Vinylmore, Munnyland - all Munny blanks from zipper pulls to Mega Munnys and any of the Munnyworld figures. You can design, paint and add on however you like.

Deadline for submissions is March 1st (you can simply submit a sketch for your entry if you don't have a finished figure). The exhibit will be juried for prizes and will open April 2nd, with a crowd favorite vote the night of the reception.

You can download the application right here.

McSweeney's 33

mcsweeneys33, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Finally, right??

Sheesh. At least it's worth the wait.