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2011: Revenge of Print Update

RevengeOfPrint2011, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. The Revenge of Print train keeps a-rollin'!
We have almost 150 folks signed on to make at least 1 zine in 2011. Just think about that. If everyone keeps their pledge, that's at least 150 new zines in 2011!!
We have over 450 members Join the Facebook group.

I just wanted to take a moment to point out a couple things. In the discussion area of the Facebook group, I've started topics for Distribution and for Reviews.

If you have a store, distro, library, etc - please take a moment to post your contact info. For those who are making zines - we encourage you to distro you zines.

If you review zines, have a review zine zine or a blog, etc. - there is a topic where you can post your contact info also. Again, folks are encouraged to send out review copies as well.

A healthy zine culture means we need access to and critical discussion of zines.

Here is just a small sampling of the folks participating: Attempted Not Known, Booty, Brains…

Thanksgiving Schedule

We'll be closing at 6pm this Wednesday! We'll be closed on Thanksgiving!

Remember that this Saturday evening is the start of the lights on 34th Street here in Hampden.

And check out the Hampden Merchants Events page for more upcoming special Holiday events and sales around the neighborood. More updates to come.

Mike White Interview

Mike White will be here this Friday!

"I still wanna find those weird, niche subgenres where I’ve been looking at my video shelves and going, God, I’ve got a lot of movies with talking genitals in them."

Zinester Night

Mike&Mike, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. This Friday, starts at 7pm!

We'll have Mike Faloon (Go Metric and Zisk), and Mike White (Cashiers du Cinemart). Come out for a night of Film and Fiction!

Show Your Shelves: Tony Pence

Bookshelves owner: Tony Pence

1. How would you describe your collection/library?
A giant mess of reference titles, books I have yet to read and books I have read 100 times.

2. What are 3 of your favorite titles?
Shop Design by Daab
Martian Chronicles by Bradbury
Stone Diaries by Carol Shields
Plus various punk and film books, design books, and lots of Mishima and Mencken. I could never pick just three ha ha...

3. What are you making room for?
I'm already completely out of room!

Want to show us your shelves? Just email your answers to these 3 questions, along with your name and 1 picture of your bookshelves to benn (at) atomicbooks (dot) com and we may feature your shelf on our blog.

Tonight! Genghis Cum!


Tao Lin Book Event

taolinatomicfictionseries, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Tao Lin will be at Atomic Books tomorrow to read from his latest, Richard Yates. Starts at 7pm!

Little Things by Jeffrey Brown - November Book Pick

We're getting to the end of our year of memoirs Reading Club!

This month is Little Things by Jeffrey Brown.

The discussion meet up this month will be November 17th instead of our usual last Wednesday of the month. 7pm! Join the discussion on our Facebook Group.

Show Your Shelves

The other day I decided to spend what turned into about 4 hours reorganizing one of my bookshelves at home (and I didn't even alphabetize!).

As I was knee deep in stacks of books, I started to get curious about what other people's bookshelves look like. After all, I am the type of person who, when going to someone's house for the first time (or second, or third even), is immediately drawn to the things they collect - the libraries they build - be they comprised of books, records, movies, video games, what have you.

Bookshelves allow us to rejoice in the awesomeness of our experiences as well as remind us of our secret shames. They expose us to those who come into our homes. And if we didn't like that exposure, well, I don't reckon we'd keep these things we have on shelves in the first place.

So we're starting a new feature on the Atomic Books Blog called "Show Your Shelves." We're asking people to email us a picture of their bookshelf and tell us…