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Holiday Hours New Year

happynewyear2007, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. New Year's Eve, this Friday, we'll be closing early at 6pm.

Closed on Saturday for New Year's Day.

See you at the ball drop on 34th Street!

Holiday Hours 2010

cookies2010, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. We'll be open until 6pm on Xmas Eve!

Closed on Xmas Day!

Holiday Picks II - Electric Boogaloo

Lauren's Picks:

Worn Fashion Journal -
Worn isn't your typical fashion journal. It's got a DIY feeling with thoughtful pieces on fashion. In this issue is a glossary of eye glasses, how to preserve your clothes, the evolution of the stewardess dress, beautiful fashion spreads, and much more. Perfect for the fashionista on your list.

As Always, Julia edited by Joan Reardon -
I'm a huge fan of both Julia Child and cooking. In this book we get a peek into her friendship with Avis Deveto. It's a beautiful story the growth and maintenance of a relationship that shaped Julia's life.

Burglars Dunny -
Saner's Dunnys are cute in a macabre way. This Dunny makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the vinyl toy lover in your life.

Yummy Donut Mini Plush -
Heidi's work is sweet and fun. These little plush donuts come in a variety of colors, blind boxed so it's a surprise what you get. I'll be using some as tree ornaments. Another perfect stocking stuffer.


Pin Ups! Naughty and Nice

The new Taboo Edition of Retro Lovely is in! Just in time for our Pin Up Event tomorrow night, a fundraiser for Moveable Feast. Our Team Atomic has made a pin up calendar, and Mike Lee, the photographer, will give a presentation on pin up photography, behind the scene info on the shoot, tips and techniques, etc.

All the proceeds of the calendar go to Moveable Feast, and Retro Lovely has kindly donated issues of #3, their latest regular issue, so if you pick one of those up you'll be helping out Moveable Feast as well!

Starts at 7pm!

Eerie Xmas

spookyWatersXmascard, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. John Waters' Xmas cards often freak us out, but this year's is positively SPOOKY. For you those of you who don't live in Baltimore, yesterday, the Gayety Theater, the oldest standing Burlesque theater in Baltimore, was a part of a 5 alarm fire.
ETA: It turns out that it wasn't the actual theater that was in the fire, but the Gayety Show World, which is across the street. This is what I get for reading "breaking news" tweets and not following up on the story. Isn't it funny how the news always changes?


Show Your Shelves: Rev. Kevin Slaughter

Bookshelves owner: Rev. Kevin Slaughter

1. How would you describe your collection/library?
The photo is the table beside my recliner, the books I want to have closest to me. These are either ones I'm currently reading, want to start or reread. I have many bookshelves, but this holds the spot next to the bathroom as most accessed shelf.

I own quite a collection of sexology books ranging from Grove Press's unabridged two-volume 2,300+ page Victorian sex-diary My Secret Life to my one of my favorite titles The Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe (the most unabashed adulation and justification of foot fetishism probably ever published), from the evolutionarily backed The Natural History of Rape to Josh Alan Friedman's two memoirs of working in the smut-mines of Times Square.

I don't buy books with autographs, but when I can get them from authors I like, I will. I had both G. Gordon Liddy and John Waters to sign books to "Rev. Slaughter".

I have a three-shelf unit dedicated …

Fun Home by Alison Bechdel - December Book Pick

Our last book of the year, Fun Home, will be discussed the last Wednesday of the year! 7pm at Atomic Books. And so, our year of memoirs comes to an end.

What will we do for next year?

Holiday Picks by Benn and Dina

Here are some Holiday picks for you by Dina:

Acme Novelty 20 by Chris Ware

Our best living person creates another wonderful book. This takes place in the Rusty Brown universe but I'm pretty sure a page of this was in "Building Stories" which was very surprising and means I have to go reread all that stuff.

The Mind's Eye by Oliver Sacks

There is an anecdote in here in the chapter about Oliver Sacks having "face blindness" and he's at a restaurant and thinks he's combing his beard in a mirror but it turns out he's just staring through a window at another guy with a beard who he thought was himself. And the guy is staring back all freaked out. That's HILARIOUS.

Make Me a Woman by Vanessa Davis

I love Vanessa Davis' comics. Reading them is like hanging out. And also they make you feel like you might as well draw some comics, too, cause why not? What's stopping you??

What I Did and Almost Silent by Jason

Jason's silent comics are so gre…

This Weekend - First Friday in December

First Friday is this week and we're having a release party for the latest issue of Smile Hon, You're in Baltimore, with readings by Sharon Goldner, Heck, Alex Hewett, Sarah Jane Miller, Dee Smith, Jeffrey L. Shipley, Earl Crown and Benn Ray. Starts at 7pm!

Santa is going to be walking around the neighborhood, so keep your eye out for that guy.

Sunday is the annual Mayor's Christmas Parade, which comes down Falls Road and on to the Avenue to Chestnut. John Astin will be there! Maybe he'll sing.

Come watch the parade with us at 2pm! We'll have some hot chocolate on hand. It's one of the craziest parades in town and a great time to start your Holiday shopping.