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Baltimore Record Shops - 40 Years Ago

Baltimore has had a long, rich history of record shops.

40 years ago, the city region had over 15 stores selling records. Here's how they were described in a city guide called Bawlamer: An Informal Guide To A Livelier Baltimore from 1974, published by the Citizens Planning and Housing Association.

Athenaikon Music Center (4717 Eastern Ave.)
Greek records, periodicals, and cookbooks. A must for budding belly dancers.
Downtown Sounds (529 N. Howard St.)
In the heart of downtown shopping district. Records and tapes. The sounds were from Broadway to soul.
For The Record, Inc. (Howard & Fayette St., 217 E. Baltimore St., Reisterstown Road Plaza)
Baltimore's discount record shop. Sales weekly, largest collection of contemporary records. Excellent stock of standards, folk, classical, and "old rock". The staff was knowledgeable and helpful in all areas.
Italia Kanta (3512 E. Lombard St. )
A converted rowhouse in the heart of Highlandtown, this store was the place to go for …

Baltimore Bookstores - 40 Years Ago

Over the years, Baltimore has seen a lot of bookstores come and go.

40 years ago, the city region had over 25 booksellers. Here's how they were described in a city guide called Bawlamer: An Informal Guide To A Livelier Baltimore from 1974, published by the Citizens Planning and Housing Association.

Aquarian Age Bookstore (813 N. Charles St.)
As the name would indicate, offered selections in mind-consciousness-body expansion, etc.
Baltimore Museum Of Art (Art Museum Drive)
Wide selection of art-related books, both hardbound and paperback.
The Black Book (2607 W. North Ave.)
Carried a large collection of black culture, black history, and related material. Offered fiction and non-fiction, children and adults sections.
Book Fair (3121 St. Paul St.)
If you were worn out from rummaging through uncatalogued, dust-laden stacks, this neat, well-stocked, well-organized shop may have been just what you were after.
Bookyard (817 S. Broadway)
If you were ready for dust again, the Bookyard offered f…

Baltozine Round-Up: Post Typography, Banjo Pete, Diner, and more

The Baltozine Roundup is our regular blog feature wherein we take a look at what national periodicals are saying about Baltimore-area arts, events, people, and places.

In Fretboard Journal (#25), Peter Szego's article "Building A New Old Banjo" talks to local banjo makers Kevin Enoch and Banjo Pete Ross.
"And while Enoch became best known for his interpretations of banjos from this historic period [turn of the 20th century], in time he researched earlier styles of construction. These days he's equally known for his Dobson-style banjos, which are based on the instruments built by the Dobson clan in the 1870s. Enoch's assistant, Pete Ross, is something of a banjo time-traveler himself. Under the name Jubilee Banjos, Ross crafts gourd banjos based on instruments played by enslaved Africans in the Americas as early as the late 17th century."
The new issue of Print Magazine (#66.4) has a feature called "Killing Time", where they talk to different des…

Otakon 2012

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Otakon starts today.

Summertime in the City Picks

Thinking of visiting Baltimore this Summer? We've updated our local links for places to check out and things to do.

The Hampden Merchants page has a handy guide to John Waters' picks in Hampden. And for your summer reading, try some of John's favorite authors and books mentioned in his memoir, Role Models.

And there's always our own twitter - AtomicBooks, to follow and now Celebrated Summer Records is finally on twitter -CSRecordshop.

Rachel's Twitter (be warned: lots of tweets about local issues, food and tv.): sugarfreak
Benn's Twitter (be warned: mostly tweets of The Mobtown Shank posts, politics and 4square checkins): mobtownshank

Talking Summer Reading: 012 Edition

I'll be on WYPR's (88.1FM) The Signal this evening at 7PM (and again Saturday at 1PM) to discuss summer reading suggestions, and I have a quite a few - covering fiction, non-fiction and graphic novels.

You can only talk about so many books on the radio, so stop by the store to see what's new - there have been a lot of great books that have come out so far this summer.

And there a bunch of books slated to be released in the second part of the year that are worth getting really excited about too - more than I can recall seeing an a long time.

So please be sure to listen in.

Listen live online.

4th of July & First Friday

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We will be closed this Wednesday for the 4th of July.

But this Friday, come on out for our Atomic Luau!