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Friday Night At Atomic: So Say The Waiters!

This Friday, November 30, the Atomic Fiction Series presents author, Justin Sirois, and special guest, writer & publisher Adam Robinson, at 7PM here at Atomic Books.

Justin's new book, So Say The Waiters, is about characters involved with the development and popularity of kidnApp, a cell phone app and social network that allows people to kidnap each other for fun.

Baltimore Chop says "So Say the Waiters could easily be the next Repo Man."

Be sure to check out Baynard Woods' review of the book for the City Paper.

Co-hosted by Kathy Flann and Benn Ray.

Adult beverages will be served.

Baltozine Roundup: Fangoria, Under The Radar and more

The Baltozine Roundup is a regular feature wherein we take a look at what national periodicals are saying about Baltimore-area arts, events, people, and places. Be sure to pick up the magazines and read the full articles.

Fangoria (#318) talks to John Waters and looks back over 40 years of filth since the release of Pink Flamingos.
"... Inspired by a healthy mix of underground art films and down-and-dirty exploitation movies ("At the time, most people didn't see both," Waters claims), this gang stumbled into something new: Comedy used as a weapon. Shock as joyous entertainment. It was a movie designed to rile up and torture the audience while still offering something resembling a fun night at the movies with surprisingly little icky aftertaste - a film that, according to Waters, "always played better the fancier and smarter and richer the  neighborhood was. ..." -Phil Brown
Under the Radar (#43) has a cover feature on Animal Collective.
"... Making a co…

Ben Claassen's Forecasting Buttons

For the post two Presidential elections, local cartoonist Ben Claassen has made presidential buttons of the candidates, and we sell them at Atomic.

Then we tally the button sales like votes before the election, to see which campaign gets the most votes.

For the second election in a row, Ben's button's have predicted the winner!

Now, we're not saying these buttons are as good as Nate Silver or Paul The Psychic Octopus or even 7-11 coffee cups - but Ben might just be on to something here.