Liz Prince's Favorite Comics Of 2012

Once again we invited a number of our friends who are also cartoonists, comics publishers and editors to tell us what their favorite comics of 2012 were. We'll be posting those lists over the next couple weeks. 

Liz Prince is a comics publishing powerhouse, with titles including I Swallowed The Key To My Heart, Alone Forever and more.

1. Year One by Ramsey Beyer
Year One is an autobio comic about Ramsey's first year living in Philadelphia. Part diary comic, but told narratively, and drawn in concise, beautiful black & white. Super inspiring to me, and probably to you also, once you read it. And no, I'm not biased because Ramsey and I are friends.

2. Bacon Fields by Michael Deforge, in Adventure Time #3
I'm a huge fan of Adventure Time, and my favorite part of the comic series are the short back up stories by indie comic artists, who are allowed to do their own treatment to the show's characters. In my opinion the cream of the crop as far as these stories are concerned was Deforge's Lumpy Space princess story; the artwork, pacing, and humor were all dead on. 

3. My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf
I made the mistake of reading this book, about the author's "friendship" with burgeoning serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in high school, while all my friends and housemates were out of town. Then I made the mistake of looking up Dahmer on Wikipedia at 1am. Then I didn't sleep for a week. I highly recommend it!!!

4. Ellerbisms By Marc Ellerby
Marc Ellerby did a Kochalka style diary comic for several years, and after the fact, realized that the strips succinctly told the story of his relationship with his girlfriend. He added several narrative sections for the book, and the result is a really great story of a relationship that ends with an honesty that is lacking in a lot of romance comics. 

5. Building Stories by Chris Ware
Yeah, I know this book is a media darling, but the pamphlet/ephemera packing is such a great concept.  This is much more an art book than a graphic novel. 

6. Harvey Horrors collected works Chamber of Chills Volume 2 and Black Cat Mystery Volume 1
I recently got into older horror comics, so having access to the non-EC horror books that came out in the '50s is really awesome, not to mention these nice hardcover editions. Sometimes the stories aren't as compelling as the art, but the even the most primitive of styles in these books are really interesting to look at. 

And that was all I came up with.  I'm sure I'm missing some great mini comics that I can't find now because they're mixed up in my horrible filing system.


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