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BaltoZine RoundUp: Flying Dog, Fish Pepper, MD Deathfest, BBQ Joint of Easton, Woodberry Kitchen

The Baltozine Roundup is a regular feature wherein we take a look at what national periodicals are saying about Baltimore-area arts, events, people, and places. Be sure to pick up the magazines and read the full articles.

Draft Magazine (July/August 2013) covers a few Maryland-area eateries and beers.

"3 Brand New Kebabs" is an article about meat-on-a-stick makeovers. It features a contribution from Andrew Evans, barbecue champion and chef-owner of BBQ Joint in Easton, MD - a delicious-sounding recipe using braised pork belly.

And there's a review of Flying Dog Brewery's Raging Bitch Belgian Style IPA. The beer get's an 88 rating (out of 100):
"In the bouquet, a hit of caramel threads together the American hops' orange and lemon and Belgian yeast's white pepper and clove. Toasted grains with a touch of sweet bubblegum stretch over the tongue as clove and black pepper draw out the alcohol's spice. Grapefruit flavor and intense bitterness showcase …


by Cassie J. Sneider

Dan suggested I pick up the goat's head, but touching an actual dead goat's head with my bare hands seemed like the sort of thing that might ruin the rest of my night. There were a lot of people gathered backstage watching the show from the wings, so I asked a stranger to get gloves. He was a friend of Salt Peter, the old bassist, and the bartender had to pull the latex gloves from a first-aid kit, which made me wonder how sanitary the process of cutting lemons and limes could be if there weren't any gloves to be found outside of dire medical emergencies.

When I got onstage, I danced around a little before I picked up the goathead. Someone from the crowd had smuggled it in and thrown it onstage at the singer, but missed and it ended up at the feet of the guitarist, who took a step back, but kept playing. The smell was terrible. When I finally picked it up, my fingers sank in like touching an old cantaloupe. Something about it reminded me of that Candy …

Corresponding With Serial Killers

by Aspire

(Ed. Note: Aspire is a pseudonym for the mysterious editor of Serial Killers Unite!, a zine that collects Aspire’s correspondences with serial killers.)

Had writing to large numbers of convicted serial killers, mass murderers and psychos finally caught up with me?

Warm sunshine and a scented breeze blew as I made my way to the post office, which holds my P.O. Box. I look forward to the mundane small talk with the married couple who run it. This day they were not so talkative - slightly abusive, actually. Asking what was wrong, I was shown, not told. They had personally received mail from one of the world’s worst convicted serial killers who made thinly veiled threats on their lives if they did not share information of the true identification of the holder of 71. I laughed and told them that the letter is worth about $100 and a good dinner table story. It didn’t cheer them up at all.

I guess it is a small hobby that outgrew its comfortable fitting within my life. It’s at the …