BaltoZine Highlight: Internet Witch Hunts!

In the current issue of Skeptic (Vol. 18, No. 4), Baltimore-area writer Mike Moran has the following article: "The New Satanic Panic: Witch Hunting In The Internet Age."
"For those of us in the skeptical community, the Satanic Panic of the 1980s and into the 90s serves as evidence that humanity's age-old obsession with demons and witchcraft is not necessarily confined to long ago ages or far away lands. America's tabloid fixation with contemporary devil-worship during the Reagan years was an embarrassing reminder of how susceptible a credulous public can be to sensational media scares, even in the modern era. ... One may think that the eventual legal and academic debunking of satanic-cult conspiracy theories in the 1980s would leave the phenomenon as passe as New Coke or leg warmers, but a quick Google search of the words "Satanism" and "conspiracy" may convince you other wise. ..."
He then goes on a hunt for those who hunt Satan in all his pop culture guises - right up thorugh Jay-z, and the modern rap music industry.

It's a great read! Hail Satan!


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