Friday, July 01, 2005

Friday Review - Oh Man, My Mom Just Discovered Ebay

This week Lauren read Burying Sandwiches by Rob Sato:
"I loved the originality of this story. The drawings are amazing, detailed black and whites, the story is dark with moments of humor and a heroine that is easy to relate to. Though there's a literal search for the perfect food, it's about all hungers that we have a hard time filling."

Benn read Bare Foot Riot by Martin Cendreda:
"While I'd like to see a regular series from Martin, this sketchbook is a filling hold-me-over. It's fun to see the broad range of styles Martin plays with, and he adds dialogue balloons for many of his characters to make this almost feel like a comic (plus a few pages of comic strips really does the trick too). Sure his stuff is adorable, but this collection shows that on a spectrum of artists, his style often times nestles somewhere between Marc Bell and Gary Basemen. Excellent production, too, with some pages in color, some on different color paper."

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