Friday Review - Oh Man, My Mom Just Discovered Ebay

This week Lauren read Burying Sandwiches by Rob Sato:
"I loved the originality of this story. The drawings are amazing, detailed black and whites, the story is dark with moments of humor and a heroine that is easy to relate to. Though there's a literal search for the perfect food, it's about all hungers that we have a hard time filling."

Benn read Bare Foot Riot by Martin Cendreda:
"While I'd like to see a regular series from Martin, this sketchbook is a filling hold-me-over. It's fun to see the broad range of styles Martin plays with, and he adds dialogue balloons for many of his characters to make this almost feel like a comic (plus a few pages of comic strips really does the trick too). Sure his stuff is adorable, but this collection shows that on a spectrum of artists, his style often times nestles somewhere between Marc Bell and Gary Basemen. Excellent production, too, with some pages in color, some on different color paper."


Jackie said…
Would like to share this information on the new book written by Beverly Lewis – The Secret – beautiful book on family life and full of excitement and suspense. Check it out as there is a contest to win an autographed copy of the book and a cash prize of $50.00 –
Great book for the entire family especially for teenagers.

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