Shank Reader's Club

Maggie is an intent reader.

Months ago now, the Shank Book Pick was Flowers in the Attic and now we finally set a date for the discussion group. Friday 23rd, 7pm, at Holy Frijole's new bar, up the street. So come on out. Yes, we've re-read it!

Yes, it's our guilty pleasure pick. Oddly, it's a Guilty Pleasure in the new issue of EW (I won't even link to the site because you can only see it if you subscribe to the magazine).

I like the old cover better. I remember it well from middle school. Creepy, creepy kids. I mean, on the cover.


Bellis said…
Wait... a book club? I've always wanted to be part of a book club. Well, no, that's not true, but I especially want to participate in a book club with you all. Is this open participation?
Rachel said…
Of course it's open! Just read the book and show up.

To find out about future book selections you can sign up for the Mobtown Shank. Just send an email to and say, "Get me on the Shank!"

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