Silly Cops, Gangstas Aren't For Kids!

From Columbia's Free Times:
At least two people identifying themselves as State Law Enforcement Division officers approached employees of a Barnes & Noble bookstore on Harbison Boulevard several weeks ago and asked if the store stocked Gangsta Rap Coloring Book by Aye Jay Morano. "They were wanting to buy them all up and demand we didn't carry them again," says Matt Boyleston, an employee of the store who lives in Columbia.

Unfortunately we've sold out of the coloring book right now. We're waiting for reprints!


Anonymous said…
They weren't cops. They were just embarrassed guys who wanted to buy the comic books. I have a similar routine I use whenever I have to buy "Taint" magazine.
"Exuse me M'am. I am with the Sherriff's department and I understand your selling a magazine which features the area between the scrotum and the anus. We've gotten a few complaints about this magazine from some concerned parents. Unfortunately, I am going to have to buy all of them as part of my investigation."

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