Bring Back the Magic

Ok, this isn't going to be about books, or the store, or life and's going to be about a little magic this Summer has brought us - the margarita, at the new Holy Frijoles Bar.

Now, I've never been a huge margarita fan. I'm not really into fruity drinks. But the margaritas at Frijoles brought me joy, a deeper understanding for the term "refreshment".

Must all good things come to an end? For some inexplicable reason, they've changed the recipe! It's just not the same.

The thing is...I'm torn about the change. It's almost a relief. Their hold over me is broken! Fuck, who needs to hang out at a bar that much?


Goodbye, Mango Margarita. Perhaps we'll meet again.


lisah said…
aaagh I was all complacent when you were complaining about the margaritas changing because I thought you just meant the old-style House margaritas. & they weren't on my HFB hit list anyway. But the MANGO margarita has changed too? THAT is tragic.
Joseph said…
Rachel said…

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