City That Reads

THAT used to be Baltimore's motto. For real.

Oddly, Baltimore is number 25 in the nation's most literate cities! For real? Um...ok. I wonder if they're still counting all the independent bookstores that have closed in the past 3 years? Or do they count the nearby counties?

Baltimore City actually has quite a few used bookstores:
Salamander Books
The 19th Century Shop
Tibor Bookshop
Royal Books
Drusilla's Books

I think there's still a Book Rendevous left, Black Planet has moved but hasn't reopened as Red Emma yet...and there are tons of antique and thrift stores that carry used books. As well as other gift shops that are starting to carry quite a selection of books. I hear that's the big thing. Lifestyle shops. Buy your books in the same place where you buy a fancy contact lens case!

And then there's The Book Thing. A crazy place that just gives away books. That madman used to sing some great showtunes when he bartended at Dougherty's. Yes, he was trying to make us leave...but it was riveting.

Of new bookstores, other than B&N downtown, there's us, Mystery Loves Company, The Children's Bookstore...and a bunch of Christian bookstores, some dealers that are only online or only mail order...or exist only in their own minds.

It's an interesting list to keep track of. If anyone knows of a glaring omission let me know. I've been thinking about making a Baltimore Book Map.


kevinf said…
As far as glaring omissions there's Lambda Rising but also there's that place that just opened this summer called Dark Sky? I think that's the name. It's near Calvert and Baltimore maybe. Also, there's the coffee shop/book store on Eastern right by the Patterson.
Rachel said…
Lambda Rising, of course! How could I forget? I even had them on my list...

I'll have to add that link.

Dark Sky? Is that the Peabody's bookstore/cafe?
kevinf said…
Well, I don't know if it has a connection to the Peabody or not but I'm pretty sure it's called Dark Sky - even though I can't find a web site or a phone number. It's a cafe with expensive (overpriced?) rare books. And it's not on Calvert it's on Charles.

Also, the one by the Patterson is called Higher Grounds. (Maybe you knew that already.)

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