Gretchen Worden Passes Away

From Irwin Chusid's List:
Gretchen Worden, longtime director of Philadelphia's Mutter Museum, passed away August 2 at the age of 57, after a brief illness.

Quite a gal. Quite a museum. If you know anything about Mutter, try to imagine a director who had a sense of humor about her job -- that was Gretchen. She worked amid "terrifying beauty": corpses with mutant appendages, specimens displaying unthinkable physical aberrations, deformed skeletons, preserved fetuses -- and she was on a first-name basis with them all. But Gretchen was also a consummate professional about the administration of her duties. She came to the museum in 1975, and was named director in 1988. Though she had no medical degree, Gretchen's work on behalf of the museum has contributed much to medical understanding.

Don't know if there'll be much press coverage, tho Gretchen certainly deserves it. If anyone comes across an obit, please FWD. If you work for the media, write one.


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