Zines to Blogs to Art

Thanks to everyone who emailed me the zine article from Friday's Washington Post. I'm not even going to link to the article because the WP won't let you read anything without registering, which is a total pain in the ass.

The zine article is a good one, though, with quotes from our own Davida Gypsy Breier, who does a column about zines for our site. And a nice plug for our store. (Thanks, WP! Wish I could link to you.)

And from Chip Rowe:
Rowe summarizes the movement of zines onto the Web thusly: "Fanzines became paper zines became webzines became blogs. That's where we are now." But he's not just being blithe. He sees in the current blog craze something akin to the paper zine craze of the early '90's. "The same spirit is there," Rowe says. "Everybody feels powerless to one degree or another and is looking to get some kind of reaction. They want people to care about what they think. It's heartening seeing blogs, even if a lot of them will go away as the novelty wears off."

And this zine/underground/hobbyist spotlight continues with an upcoming exhibit at the BMA, in November, called Dark Matter.


Ms. Kat said…
If registration really is a bite in the ass, you can always check Bug Me Not to see if someone created an account you can use. It's handy.
Rachel said…
Thanks! I was looking all over for that, but I'd forgotten the name!

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