Friday Blogabout Mish Mosh

Hurricane season is an awesome thing. I've been glued to the Weather Channel and CNN when Anderson Cooper gets flung around like Mother Nature's naughty ragdoll.

Just so you know, Hampdenfest is on rain or shine! Rain will make it even more festive. Sure, it won't be as muddy as Woodstock but there's going to an ADULT Moonbounce, people! Adult Moonbounce.

I'd like to take this time to point you to 1, 2 very entertaining blog entries. We've got a lot of very talented bloggers here in Baltimore. Whatever the hell that means.

It's going to rain all day. Hope our deliveries don't get wet.

And yeah for the Pirates of Essex.! They raised over $4000 at Bengies (and due to a matching program it's really over $8000!) this past Sunday. Fun was had by all!


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