Why I am Not a Photojournalist

When I don't have my camera, I always see things I want to shoot. When I do have it, I don't feel like taking it out. "Oh yeah, people would want to see that," is a phrase that goes off in my head after the moment passes. It's a chore to get the shots that people expect, because I'd rather wait for inspiration. In other words, I'm a slacker. Thank god I don't do weddings anymore!

The word for yesterday was clusterfuck. One of Waters' assistants used it to describe the Avenue when she dropped off some signed books. She used it again, later, when I saw her outside the Senator, "You better get in the theater and get seats now. It's a clusterfuck in there." And then, at the after party at the Walters, the word was used to define the scene to me by a few more people.

I guess you could use the word to describe the movie as well, but in a good way. It was hilarious. There are probably things that only people from the area would find really funny (making fun of DC people, Harford Rd jokes, seeing nice big slabs of Scrapple) but everyone enjoys wacky squirrels, right?

It was like the opposite of Stepford Wives, with a Dawn of the Dead feel, but without the creep.

Before the movie began, live video of Waters, Selma Blair, Johnny Knoxville, Mink Stole, Ziggy, I mean, James Ransone, and others unveil a new slab of sidewalk in front of the Senator.
(photos coming! promise!)

John Waters gave a speech, introducing his parents and the stars that were there.

And here's Maggie and Josh (who worked on the film). Look, she made him wear a tux.

Over $80k was raised for AIDS Action Baltimore! Yay! Executive Director, Lynda Dee, can continue spending her days, as she put it, "fighting Republicans".


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