It's My Birthday and I'll Blog If I Want To

This is what 35 looks like. Well, that's what infrared looks like. I look like I'm blind.

35. 35. 35. 35. 35. It just sounds so wrong, but it feels alright.

Tomorrow night is our One Ring Zero event, 7-9pm, here at the store. If you like wacky music set to lyrics written specifically for wacky music by authors like Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Lethem, Margaret Atwood, etc...then you should come out. Also, we'll go down to Frijoles for birthday drinks afterwards.


Joseph said…
For a second there, when I saw "35, 35, 35..." I thought you were posting your measurements which I thought was kind of an odd thing to do.

It's too early in the morning (even though it's 10am CDT).


Are you gonna get wasted tonight? Before or after the debates?
jayfish said…
happy birthday!
prettyminotaur said…
happy happy happy happy birfday!

i am so coming to One Ring Zero. And drinks? Say no more!

Georgiana said…
Happy birthday!

Should we RSVP if we are coming to One Ring Zero?
melusina said…
Happy Birthday Rachel! I know how it feels, I am about to turn 35 myself. Ugh!

Hope you had fun.!
ethylene said…
bitch, do you never read your email?
(i can be rude, i'm related to her, unfortunately)
todd bridges should be calling the store to tell you you're old-- er
have dr. benway check is mail unless he's blocked me.

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