All Your Cookies Are Belong To Us

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather yesterday to come to the Cookie Swap. Although the flu wiped out a good portion of our contestants we had some real winners this year:

Most Original - Lisa Harbin
Best Presentation - Kristen King

and Best Cookie went to Tanya Taylor!


lisah said…
Thanks for organizing! I had one of your pistachio & white chocolate chippers for lunch (also, one macaroon & one Best Cookie (tm)) and it was delicious!
Amy said…
I'm glad it went well. After the three huge batches I made last week, the sudden batch of choc chip birthday cookies, and the mint choc I'm making this year, I just couldn't face any more baking. Instead I . . . continued knitting my mom's scarf, it's not done yet!
el mannion said…
i wanted to come, but sadly my freakin' oven still wasn't fixed. perhaps next year!

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