Friday Review - Bizarro, I Love You, Bizarro

This week Lauren read Krachmacher by Jim Campbell:
"3 stories in one fabulous book. In this comic we meet Marianne, a college student that feels isolated, even within her group of friends. There's a quick story in the middle of an old man that saves the world from robots. Short and sweet. The last story is about a man and pork roast. This leads to my favorite panel: Pork Roast leaning against a brick wall smoking a cigarette, looking very tough.

The stories are great but the art is spectacular. The colors are amazing, the feel is very realistic. This is one to pick up."

Rachel read So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld:
"There's something about getting sick that makes me want to regress a bit, and reading a YA novel was just the thing to keep my snot clogged head distracted from itself.

This ain't no Judy Blume, nor is it like my favorite YA author Paul Zindel. Not too juvie-centric, not too angsty, and filled with interesting trivia as well as abstract concepts.

It's like a combination of the Tipping Point and Pattern Recognition for the Hot Topic set. And for some reason I kept thinking of Jet Set Radio, too. Maybe because I was sick."

Benn read Bizarro World by Various:
"If companies like DC and Marvel want to save their collapsing sooperhero empires, instead of relegating talent like this to a book that exists outside their universes, they need to let these alternative comics creators (and members of Soul Coughing and writers of the Daily Show and hipster comedians like Patton Oswalt) run amok in continuity. By far, some of the best superhero comic art I've seen in ages (much better than what passes in mainstream comics), and fresh and interesting takes on classic characters."

Maggie read On Subbing by Dave:
"Dave is a punk working as a teacher's assistant in the Portland public school system in order to pay his bills. Puke, poo, paste, shaving cream and kicks to the groin are just some of the occupational hazards of being a special-ed teaching assistant. His true stories were enough to make me laugh out loud and sometimes made me really glad I decided not to become a teacher."


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