Friday Review - The Creep

This week, Lauren read Twinkle Twinkle by Kaori Ekuni:
"By far, my favorite of the year. Shoko and Mutsuki entered their first year of marriage as a sham. Mutsuki is gay and Shoko is emotionally unstable, unable to open up to another person in love. What begins as a false marriage changes with the influence of Kon, Mutsuki's lover. Throughout the story Kon becomes a more important part of the their lives. It's a story about learning to love and share with a person, to have a marriage even if there will never be any sex. By the end Kon, Shoko and Mutsuki find true love and commitment in a very unconventional relationship.

A beautiful and fun book that you should all read."

Rachel read Ouija Interview #3: Naomi by Sarah Becan:
"The third in a series of comics documenting Ouija Board interviews. Totally cute, totally creepy.

The last time I touched a Ouija Board was in Massachusetts, too. What's up Mass? You got a lot of talky dead."

Benn read Apocalypse Nerd #1 by Peter Bagge:
"If you're a fan of post-apocalyptic tales like DAWN OF THE DEAD or NIGHT OF THE COMET, Bagge's new comic about a couple of guys in the Pacific Northwest who discover the world is ending is not only a treat, but it provides the ultimate canvas for the artist to explore his Libertarian inclinations (which work better here than in some of his other comics). While the art for the main story looks as if it was originally inked in anticipation of coloring that never happened (where once Bagge indulged in cross-hatching and zip-a-tone, now it's just computery half-tones), the back up 'Founding Father Stories' (about US Presidents) shows Bagge in full cross-hatching glory."


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