Romper Room

Remember Romper Room? Did you know that it started here, in Baltimore?

Remember how the host would look out from behind a Magic Mirror and call out kids' names like she could actually see them? It was kind of creepy. She never called my name.

Of course, I have a real magic mirror now. My blog logs. I can see each and every one of you.

I can see you, Plano, Texas! And you Lubbock! And Tampa and Carmel and Tokyo and Woodbridge and Redding and Foster City and Fort Bragg and Cockeysville and Maple Grove and Honolulu and Rapid City and Chicago and Ellicott City and Merrick and Montreal and Barcelona and Rye and Hunt Valley and San Francisco and Private IP Address Lan and Savannah and Brooklyn and Ithica and Athens and Cherry Hill and Shanghai and Waltham and Ile-de-France and Providence and Boston and Ann Arbor and Winnipeg and somebody in Finland and Reston and...and...and...all the boys and girls who read our blog every day right here in Baltimore.

I'm glad you could share this entry with me.

And for the kids of today, Rock-N-Romp starts up in a few months, right here in Baltimore.


rysolag said…

--- ---

This is an invite to You can change the colors at the bottom of the home page; there are 20+ color combos. You can also change the header animations; click the little square in the bottom right corner of the header. Your entries are likely to get more feedback as this is a community blogging site.

Have a nice day - come check us out!
sweetney said…
woohooo! [insert virtual smooches]
XLT said…
Dang. My blog must be broken. I can't see a thing.
"Hey!" backatcha.
lisah said…
Private IP Address Lan -- oh my god I totally went to college there!

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