Friday Review - Earth Is Full of Things

This week, Lauren read 50 Things You're Not Supposed to Know #1 and #2 by Russ Kick:
"These small books contain 50 facts of things that are hidden from the public. From the US government lying about terrorists' convictions to fetuses masturbating, some facts are funny, some shocking but all of them are interesting. If you are into trivia this is the book for you. Very similar to the magazine Mental Floss but more political. Highly recommended."

Benn read Verse Chorus Verse #1:
"The other day I was bickering with J Bowers over music magazines. She's in love with the British and thinks they dominate the US in the area of music magazines. And while I would never trade a Chunklet for 2 Mojos, she does have a point when it comes to big mainstream music mags: Q and Mojo are better than RollingStone and Spin, but who cares? You still think MTV is relevant or something? There are American music zines so much more worth reading like the new zine Verse Chorus Verse. Perfect bound with a very clean b&w design (with some strategic splashes of red), previewing each article with a brief description of the author and his/her bias (I mean, how often have you read an article that seemed slightly off only to assume the writer must be British or Canadian?).

Articles include the Rise of MP3 Blogs (which is a good intro for those not familiar with them - even though they missed largehearted boy), the Cris Kirkwood story (ya'll heard the Meatpuppet was shot, yeah?), articles on The Decemberists, The Constantines, Pretty Girls Make Graves, solid (if not groundbreaking) pieces on Second Album Syndrome and Polit Rock, and articles about RIAA's War on Piracy and why iPods rule and iTunes does not. So, take that NME! What's that? The Darkness is still on your cover? Oh, you crazy Brits."


LHB has two mentions in the past year in Q, one in Spin and none in Mojo or RS. My favorite is definitely Q, then...

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