Friday Review - I'll Take You To My Dreamland

This week, Rachel finished Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami:
"Ok, when I first started this book I was annoyed to see that one of the main characters was a 15 year old boy. I was not in the mood for any coming-of-age crap. But then there were UFOs in Japan in the 1940s. And then, talking cats. I was completely sucked in.

Still, there were some problems, some awkwardness that I think I blame on the translator. There was just something about the language, the dialogue, that wasn't the same as in my favorite Murakami books.

Also, when I began the book, I was playing a lot of Katamari Damacy...and I think it all kind of got mushed together - this whole surreal Japanese crazy world metaphor total mind fuck."

Benn read It's A Steven T. Seagle/Teddy Kristiansen:
"I've never really liked Superman. He's just too powerful of a character, and while some argue he's a symbol of the American Dream (the ultimate immigrant story), I argue he's decidedly anti-American Dream. You can't work hard and become Superman like you could Batman or Green Arrow. You're either born Superman or you're not. It's A Bird mixes genres (autobiographical comics with superhero comics) as a comic book writer, given the ultimate assignment to write Superman comics, wrestles with his own personal demons as well as getting a grip on a character which may seem less relevant today than when he was created way back in 1938. Kristiansen's art is, as usual, lovely, varying styles to match the narrative and keeping the reader propelled when you start to get frustrated with the protagonist."

Lauren read Pencil Fight 2:
"Pencil Fight is a combination of interviews, comics, reviews and random thoughts. It's a zine with a lot of directions but it works. My favorite things in this issue were a few pieces on toys and people that craft them, and an interview with Susan Farrell, creator of Other interviews include David Choe, Tim Biskup and Tommy Guerrero. There is also a funny piece on the Yeti - Proper Cave Hygiene for Yeti Lovers. A fun and interesting read."


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