Friday Review

This week Benn read Diary Of A Mosquito Abatement Man by John Porcellino:
"This book collects the autobiographical stories dealing with Porcellino's career as a mosquito terminator that originally appeared in his long-running King-Cat Comics. Here is autobiographical comicking at its best, showing the progression from raw enthusiasm in killing mosquito larvae to, years later, the karmic (and physical) toll a career in killing (even parasitic bugs) can take on a person. Although a little on the light side (in terms of reading time), it's fun stepping inside Porcellino's world and experiencing his misadventures while not having to deal with the bee stings and mosquito bites."

Lauren read Practice Apartment by A.J. Michel:
"A comp of selections from her zines Laundry Basket, 12 Items or Less and Potluck. It's filled with great stories like panties that disappear from a college laundry room, Whole Foods and the fact the quality foods are often only available at a price no normal person can afford and the magic of baking bread."


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