Hampden Idol

Meet the new Hampden Idol, Angela Colter (photo by Kevin Hoffman), the winner of our Karaoke Revolution Tournament at this past week's Midnight Madness festivities. (The liberty bell is the trophy. Get it? Revolution?? Liberty Bell???)

AB:How do you feel about being the first Hampden Idol?
AC:At times like these, you just go numb. I just hope it lasts, and I can use the chance I've been given to make some change in the world. To become a Role Model. For Hampden.

AB:Did you work hard to get to where you are today?
AC:I got up around 5:30, showered, dressed, ate my cereal, and drove about an hour to my job in Silver Spring. Most weekdays that's what it takes to get me here.

AB:Who's your biggest vocal influence?
AC:The man upstairs. Which would have been either Benn Ray or some homeless guy buying porn.

AB:Do you have any advice for future contestants?
AC:It's not so much about style and performance as it is about rhythm, pitch, and picking the right avatar. I'd suggest the one-legged pirate. Or the stoner in the bear suit.

AB:What do you plan to do now?
AC:Put out my first album on Atomic Twang!

Competition was pretty fierce. For all you hopefuls out there (as well as contestants raring for a grudge-match!) the next Karaoke Revolution Tournament will be April 15th, which is also the next Midnight Madness event on the Ave.


Anna said…
liberty bell! congrats Angela!

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