Sin City Movie Review Quiz

Outside of the Senator, last night, after a preview of Sin City Jess(our resident Bathroom Supervisor), Maggie and I said our comments about the movie:

Woman 1: Frank Miller is so sexist.
Woman 2: That movie kicked much ass.
Woman 3: Mickey Rourke is the new Ron Perlman. And that means HOT!

Can you guess who said what?

Enter your answers in the comments. The first person to submit the correct answer wins the hardcover version of the Sin City graphic novel - A Dame to Kill For.


Quiz is OVAH!

Kevin wins with his correct answer of:
Maggie (sexist), Jess(ass), Rachel (Perlman)

Congrats Kevin!


lisah said…
Ack! So

1 = Rachel
2 = Jess
3 = Maggie
k7hd said…
Maggie (sexist), Jess(ass), Rachel (Perlman)
el mannion said…
not knowing maggie or jess, i'm gonna go with...

woman 1: jess

woman 2: maggie

woman 3: rachel
~ Miss N ~ said…
Woman 1=Rachel
Woman 2=Maggie
Woman 3=Jess

though wait a minute.... I could totally see

Woman 1=Jess
Woman 2=Maggie
Woman 3=Rachel
d said…
1. R

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