Yahoo has acquired Flickr, my favorite thing on the web since...the thing before...


I like this part:
You shall be recognized for your discerning taste in web sites!! I bet you also liked the Flaming Lips before they appeared on Beverly Hills 90210, and for that we salute you. Pro account holders will get super mega bonuses, to be announced soon.

But hmmm.

Blogger didn't really change much when bought by Google (it didn't really get better either). And LJ hasn't changed at all since being taken over by Moveable Type. Whatever.

I guess you guys won't mind when Starbucks takes over the Ave. Oh, didn't you hear? We're selling out asap!

I kid. I'm a kidder.


Matt "Max" Van said…
Cash in Now!, right?
Anyway, I'm horribly out-of-it. Tell me more why I should like your friend Flickr?
Rachel said…
You should like My Friend Flickr because I say so!

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