We're Saved!!

Yay!! "The Wire" has been renewed!

And wha...Joss Whedon is doing Wonder Woman?

The movie??


sweetney said…
re: the wire, thank fucking god. just think what that would've done to baltimore's economy...

plus, i mean, its clearly the best television show ever made.
Rachel said…

I don't think anyone in Baltimore watches The Wire. I mean, except like, 7 of us. Ok, maybe 14.
Joseph said…
My questions are who will play "Wonder Woman"? Will Linda Carter get a cameo appearance?
lisah said…
Clearly, Gina Torres IS Wonder Woman!


Joss Whedon Geek
Rachel said…
Ok, as much as Gina kicks ass, I really hope it's not her.

I can't think of anyone who could be Wonder Woman that I'd be happy about, though.

Those are quite the boots to fill.
geekpunk said…
so siked the wire is not dead.... i dunno i think a decent amount of balmerians watch the show or at least my neighbors do ... just siked that the political urban renewal plot line will now be reality
Rachel said…
Most of the people I know don't have cable, so they don't watch the current seasons of The Wire.

Also, seems like there's a lot of anti-The Wire feelings in the city, especially from people who don't actually watch the show or care to watch because anything relating Baltimore to drugs with a predominantly black cast is "bad".

We know the Mayor doesn't love it!
Rachel said…
Oh wait! I mean, Baltimore LOVES THE WIRE!! HBO, keep it on the air!!!
prettyminotaur said…
he's SO going to make Gina Torres wonder woman. but seriously, is there anyone better than Joss to handle WW?

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