Atomic Jeopardy!

Answer this in the form of a question and win 2 passes to Sin City at the Senator:

Tony Shore's velvet painting in Atomic Books is a Baltimore take of a painting by this artist.

Use comments to answer. First correct answer wins! Contest ends at 4pm today.


Erin wins with the correct answer: Who is Leonardo DaVinci?


sweetney said…
umm who is edward hopper?

if no one else answers correctly can i get those tix by default?
el mannion said…
who is leonardo davinci?
~ Miss N ~ said…
I so hit the wrong button. Did I power-slide in before O'Mannion?
Rachel said…
You didn't even have an answer! Freak.
~ Miss N ~ said…
I so did, like at 2:50! I know cause I laughed evilly at S'Marvelous for being correct before me, but on LJ. It must be in hyperspace limbo somewhere. Watch, you'll get it in some weird blogger email in 3 days. pfft.
Rachel said…
It's possible...blogger was all effed up today.

But until I see proof you'll simply remain a freak.
d said…

what do I win?
Benn said…
Ban him!

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