Friday Review - In The Haiku Style

This week Lauren read Cruddy by Lynda Barry:
"life of roberta
knives, trains, murder, greed, drugs, friends
childhood is cruddy"

Benn read Hate Annual #5 by Pete Bagge:
"It's good to see HATE,
but Bagge should turn the essays
into comics too."

Rachel read Prime by Poppy Z. Brite:
"Revisit tasty
chefs simmer then boil over
in Texas, which blows"

Maggie read Love & Rockets V2.13:
"Jaime's art is great
Julio's day is so long!
Hopey loves Maggie."


prettyminotaur said…
benn threw his week's reading in a trash can on the avenue. i saw him!
Benn said…
That wasn't my "Weekly Reading," it was my "Daily Reading."

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