Friday Review

This week, Rachel finished Liquor by Poppy Z. Brite:
"I finished Liquor just in time to savor the sequel, Prime, which just came out a couple of weeks ago. It's like Food Network Slash (Come on, Lenny=Emeril??)! Lots of behind the scenes info about the restaurant biz, the types of people who get into the field and general New Orleans style drinking, drugging and eating."

Lauren read Barrelhouse:
"A new literary magazine inspired by a drunken night of brainstorming. I am generally not a fan of literary journals, but this one is completely different. Barrelhouse combines essays, fiction, poetry and comics in a pretty package with great writing broad topics: Steve Almond(author of one of my favorite books Candyfreak)writes about how much Hollywood/Blockbusters suck, an interview with the fabulous Emmylou Harris and 'Metal Church' considers the hidden love of metal that a regular working stiff feels.

My favorite part is when Barrelhouse chooses a story from their website and creates a comic from it. The comic is printed in the magazine and the story is up on the website. I enjoyed the words as well as the illustration in this piece."

Benn read Hello, Again by Max Estes:
"Secrets and betrayal are the cornerstone to Estes' book. 'You have to answer for the past... not live by it' is the moral to this story as a hole opens up in the ground and a ghost of someone who the protagonist, William, wronged as a child climbs out. The ghost, not an innocent himself, helps William move beyond his current rut of a life (like the affair he's having with his best friend's fiance), get over his past, and move forward in a more positive direction. Very readable, with simple and stylized linework, Hello, Again is a hopeful and insightful comic."


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