Mad, Sad and Only One Person Was Glad

But then she got sad, too...when she realized that Atomic Books is NOT moving to Ellicott City after all. Sorry Amy, we're not going to be neighbors after all.

In the Shank this week it was announced that Atomic Books would be moving to Ellicott City.

April Fools, people!

I'm pretty uncomfortable with pranks. Mostly because it's so similar to straight up lying, which is really hard for me to do in RL, though not so hard online (did I really make you cry, Lisa?) or over the phone (sorry, Chris X!).

I held out as long as I could mostly through avoidance. Next year, Benn will have to just prank us all by himself.


d said…
So wait... If you're not moving to Ellicott City?

Where are you moving?
yellojkt said…
I,m glad You aren't kicking Gramps Attic out. That space is too small for you anyway.

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