We Are Not A Comic Bookstore

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

We get this question all the time: What ARE Atomic Books?

Yes, we carry a lot of comics and graphic novels. But we just carry things we like. Not that we don't care for superheroes at all, but there are real comic bookstores that do a much better job of carrying all that.

Our criteria is just to carry good books. We like the little guys, the little books. Not that our interests aren't broad enough to have a lot of things you wouldn't expect, if you assumed we were a comic bookstore.

Atomic Books is Benn and Rachel. A little Maggie, a bit Lauren, along with Dug and the ghost of Huffines. And all of our loyal customers, distributors, zinesters and publishers who help us fill this place by sharing their interests and opening our horizons to even more great stuff. And that's it folks. We're just a tiny bookstore trying to make it in the big bad world, carving out a niche where we can like what we do and do what we like.

We're a little bit country. A little bit rocknroll. You'll be Shocked and Amazed.

This is our fifth April on the Ave in Hampden. Join us for our Anniversary Party at The Ottobar, May 7th, won't you?



lisah said…
I AM the World's Biggest Sap. Because that made me a little weepy. Go You Guys!!!
jmn said…
That is an amazing flyer. The color scheme reminds me of a few old bootleg games that my brother brought back from college to play on his apple II. Thank you for that.

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