Friday Review - A Day Late & A Dollar Short

This week Benn read The Book Of Bunny Suicides and Return Of The Bunny Suicides by Andy Riley:
"When I was in middle school I got on this Dead Baby joke kick: "Things You Can Do With A Dead Baby." I became obsessed with chronicling everything I could think of that could be done with a dead baby, and I decided to write a book - 101 Things You Can Do With A Dead Baby. I remember it being heee-larious, but I have no idea where those notes for my book are today, and until I read Riley's books, I had completely forgotten about the Dead Babies.

Bunny Suicides are in that same vein of humor, but with illustrated sequences of suicidal bunnies (and his humor here is much better than I imagine my dead baby humor to be today). It gives you page after page of cute, suicidal bunnies, killing themselves in very creative and very funny ways. Some build elaborate, mouse-trap-style suicide scenarios, some end their lives through pop-culture references, but Riley's books are at their funniest when the suicides are abrupt, simple, and straight forward.

Lauren read Candyfreak by Steve Almond:
"This is easily the most fun I have had with a book. Almond takes us down the path of chocolate, looking at how the giant candy corporations are putting the little ones out of business. It's a story of struggle and in some cases triumph. What I found most interesting is the way that the small chocolate makers of the county are in business for the love of it, very much like the Willy Wonka we all know. They invent the most wonderful concoctions as well as the machines to make them.

Candyfreak is total food porn written in a tone that is humorous and educational. One warning: you will become obsessed with the candy in the book. I tracked down as many candybars as I could and my sister ended up surprising me with a container of them. Very fun."


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