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Frank Gorshin has passed away. My favorite Batman tv show villian.

Kelsey Grammer will play the Beast in X-men 3. Genius.

Benn saw Revenge of the Sith this morning.

Here's what's insane: The country will lose $627 million in productivity from those taking off work to see the movie this week, according to the Chicago placement firm of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, which bases its estimate on attendance of the last Star Wars film.

He said it wasn't bad.

Dug has successfully installed Tiger. And we haven't heard from him in days.


el mannion said…
kelsey grammer as the beast doesn't make any fucking sense.
for one, he's too old, and i think he should be hotter. for two the showed the beast (pre mutant) in x-men 2 and he didn't look anything like kelsey grammer.
Benn said…
Perhaps he, uh, MUTATES?
prettyminotaur said…
kelsey grammer as the beast is genius. and for your information, yes, the beast does mutate from a human form into a furry blue one, thanks to the toxic kiss of one Infectia, and the toxin's interaction with his DNA. yup.

i've always felt that one furry blue guy in the X-Men is quite enough, however. nightcrawler kicks beast's ass.

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