Making Love Out Of Nothing At All

Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated our anniversary and hated the 80s with us on Saturday night. I can't even begin to describe the magic and the brilliance of all of the performances that night, along with the audience's spirited participation in getting all gussied 80s and doing their own special performances through karaoke roulette.

But don't just take my word for it, listen to other people:

Clover Martens: "My mom made me come here, but I'm having a really good time!"

Marci Messick: "I want to marry the person who made this pie."

Bridget Speiser: "I'm so glad I got to see some naked skinny pasty-white boy chest. Now I can go home happy."

And there are photos! I got a little drinky and most of mine didn't come out, but luckily this was quite possibly the most well documented event ever, so there are more photos by lots of other people. AND, the show's on video so in just a little while you can re-live the magic. Or catch a glimpse of what you may have missed.

I know I'm kicking myself for missing the now infamous karaoke number "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" with whisk and toilet scrub brush...

John Waters said to me, after seeing Keyboard Man's video montage of our 80s pics set to "Chariots of Fire": "I hate it when people always think you look better when you're younger. I think you look much better now."

Yes, I think we're all much better now.


overheardgirl said…
Among the many features of my personal Heaven is a TV that plays anything I want at any time. This year's Atomic Anniversary Hate the 80s Night has been added to the playlist.

The very beginning (Elton Joel imploring us to Take A Look At [Him] Now), the very end (Neil revealing to us all that Chester Say Relax), and every moment in between (Tab shirt and short shorts, blonde wigs and crimped hair, eyeliner reapplication in the ladies room and astonishing karaoke performances) was absolutely fucking perfect. And there was pie.

Thanks to the performers, thanks to the crowd, and especially thanks to you folks at Atomic for an unbelieveably great night.

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