Faulty Premise

The Top Ten Most Harmful Books. That's SO EFFED UP, YO!

Can a book BE harmful? These books? What about the freakin' Bible then?

The Fountainhead did ruin a whole Summer for me back in the 80s. But I emerged unscathed!


Benn said…
Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar did ruin just about every chick I ever dated during college.
overheardgirl said…
This is terrifying and hilarious at the same time!

"The Nazis loved Nietzsche." You know what that means -- if you like Nietzsche, you must be a Nazi, too!

Hey, why do they link to each book's amazon.com page? If the books are so harmful, why would they lead you to a place to buy them?
Rachel said…
Just because they don't approve of these books doesn't mean they won't try to make money from them. Wealthiness is next to godliness!
Carl said…
Oddly enough The Turner Diaries didn't make the list. I wonder why.
Carl said…
it's actually a handy little list of key reading for us liberal types

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