Um...doesn't look good for Honfest this weekend, does it? You know what it was like for Hampdenfest last year. But maybe, also like Hampdenfest, if it does storm it'll clear up before too long.


lisah said…
hmm...National Weather Service is just saying partly cloudy for Saturday.


Loves to Talk about the Weather
BaLtiMoRe_RoLL said…
I hope the rain stays away this time!!

This time Brain Coral and I signed up for a booth (rather than the flea market like last time), so we're really hoping for sunshine!

We'll try to stop by the store and say hi...
Rachel said…

Oh yeah, there's no flea market at Honfest. And there probably won't be one for Hampdenfest this year, either.
BaLtiMoRe_RoLL said…
O.K., I suck. I'm sorry I didn't drop by the store. I went up to that end of the festival once, on my way to the misting tents, but was so hot and uncomfortable that I didn't stop for a second. I was so focused on trying to cool off that I really have no idea what was between our booth at one end and the misting tent at the other. I thought I'd make it back down later on in the day, but then I didn't!

I'll have to stop by next time I'm in Hampden and not surrounded by a festival!

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