Friday Review: Cat-holics

This week we all read Catholic No 1: Cats edited by Glynnis McDaris and Jesse Pearson:

Lauren: "Originally this was a handmade zine that went with a group show in New York, Catholic: addicted to cats. The new version is a very beautiful art book. In it are photos, illustrations, musings on cats and a piece on taxidermy(which was my favorite). I'm not a cat person but this book is filled with really great images, like cats dressed in clothes, and interesting writings, like good cat names bad cat names. It's perfect for the coffee table or the crazy cat lady in your life."

Rachel: "I'm allergic to cats, but I still find them appealing. They're sort of like baseball. I'm not really a fan, but I'm sucker for the idea of baseball.

This isn't your grannie's take on cats. These essays and artworks range from meditations on their kitsch factor to images of a more pervy and violent nature. And of course, cats in funny outfits."

Benn: "So many cats, it's sick-making. More than just an exercise in excessive cuteness, Catholic starts off with photos and an essay of the burial of a kitten. Some of the more interesting artwork presents the sexual fetishization of kitties. Oh, and Patch (see page 88) rules!"


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