Friday Review - Holy Crap, It's a Beautiful Day!

This week Lauren read Assassin & The Whiner 15 by Carrie McNinch:
"It's been just about 3 years since Carrie did an issue of what has always been a favorite zine of mine. This time around it's a month of diary comics from January. I love Carrie's drawing style as well as her honesty. She talks about depression, the feelings of not really being yourself. There are moments of clarity for Carrie, though. Times that she embraces life.

Carrie also talks about her feelings on drinking and addiction. A great zine. Highly recommended."

Rachel read KnitKnit 5 by Sabrina Gschwandtner:
"Since the knitting craze has swept the world (again) for the past decade or so, it's been kind of difficult to find publications for new wave knitters that aren't geared toward beginning knitters. Yes, we know how to knit and purl now. Where do we go from here? KnitKnit shows us the way.

This issue is chock full of photos of crocheted food, art exhibits, interviews with artists pushing the boundaries and functions of craft AND a pattern for a knit tie.

The deluxe version of this issue comes with a cool crocheted bookwrap designed and crocheted by Josh Faught using Ozark Handspun."

Benn read The Old Ball Game by Frank Deford:
"Deford's stylized prose revisits baseball at the turn of the century - back when it was struggling between being a game of drunken thugs and becoming America's pastime. He focuses on the unlikely relationship between two legends that represent the change baseball was going through, John McGraw (the rough and tumble, win at all costs ballplayer) and Christy Matthewson (the symbol of Rugged Christianity). Deford's unique voice creates an interesting history that reveals a culture in transition that is slightly more in depth than the segment of that era from Ken Burns' "Baseball" documentary. Also, for Orioles fans, the relevance and impact of the old Baltimore team on baseball is also a lot of fun to go through."


prettyminotaur said…
I don't know how to purl!
Rachel said…
That's because you're a freakin' slacker.

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