Friday Review: Outbreak

This week Benn read Super F*ckers #1 by James Kochalka:
"Kolchalka takes a cue from his recent Bizarro World contribution and creates his own version of a superhero team. Part Teen Titans, part Legion of Superheroes, but all Kochalka, this comic reads more like The Mystery Men meets the "Real World". Okay, so it's not an original concept, but that's not the point. Characters like Vortex, an indie-rocker-looking guy who keeps a small world in a bottle and a Gollum-like creature tormented by the beauty of one of the heroes, and the epic battle/team try-outs at the end of the issue all verge on genius."

Lauren read Bike#5/List#6 by Daniel Shea and R.Beyer:
"This is a comics split zine of 2 established zinesters, a boyfriend and girlfriend. Daniel's side has a story of bike tricks when he was 8, shoplifting meds, and unhappy grocery store clerks. His girlfriend illustrates lists. There is one about things to look forward to, a trip to CA, things to learn, financial woes, her bedrooms. I liked List better, just because I like lists. Each one does a comic of the other which is very cute. The cover is a beautiful screen print. A great zine."


lisah said…
Hey you guys should put a print out of the Friday review up in the store (or maybe put a little card with the review on the things reviewed). I always want to read what Lauren has read and I never remember when I come into the store! I know I could just ask but I forget to do that too.
Rachel said…
But what if you forget to read the print out, too?
JPR said…
Benn should put a quarter -- perhaps a dollar if you want to get very rich, very quickly -- in a jar every time he uses the word "genius"

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