Friday Review - Rainy Days And Mondays

This week Rachel read Spaniel Rage by Vanessa Davis:
"There's something devious about Davis' sketches. They seem simple, rushed, rough, reminiscent of your own bored classroom doodlings, but before you know it, you're studying them and realizing how complex they really are.

The book reads like you're fast fowarding through a year of someone's days, slowing down for highlighted moments of funny dialogue or quiet moments where nothing's really happening. What's the point? But as the longer stories towards the end reveal, it all adds up to a life."

Lauren read F Stop by Antony Johnston and Matthew Loux:
"Nick is a crappy photographer longing to do fashion shoots. He meets Chantel, a sassy supermodel, lies to her about being a fab shooter from overseas. She offers him a fashion shoot when their photographer cancels and he takes it. The pictures are crap, the fashion industry adores them, thinking that they are edgy. Nick moves up in the world, leaving his friends behind.

It's cute. Made for fans of Blue Monday or Andy Watson."


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