Minimas Unite!

There are way too many local people using this template called Minima.

It kind of confuses me. Do we have something in common? Maybe we should form a gang?

The new Urbanite has a section on Baltimore Bloggers. I'd link to it, but there's nothing to link to on their site (hint, hint, you Urbanite People! How can you write about the internet and not have it online NOW?). The Shank is mentioned but it makes it sound like it just started last Fall.

The Mobtown Shank Blog is new, yes, but the Shank in email form is approaching it's 6th anniversary this August.

Hey, I have an idea, the Minimas should have a rumble with those MT/TypePad People.

Or better yet, we could ALL gang up on those LJers!

UPDATE: The blogging article is up now.


sweetney said…
funny, i was interviewed for that. but i'm betting i'm not in it, as i kind of made fun of the questions asked. haven't seen it (the urbanite piece) though. is it decent?
greyplanet said…
bring it on, bitches. bring. it. on.
jayfish said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jayinbmore said…
I'm not sure why I picked the template except it went well with the picture. Also, it sorta looks like the "American Mercury" layout.
Rachel said…
So do you want to be in the gang or what?

Sweetney: The article was just an overview of local blogs. No big statement, just a hey-looky-here list. Not sure what the criteria was for who was included or not.

Joey: My new posting style is UNSTOPPABLE!
d said…
I forgot my, sorry, our blog template had a name. I'm in. what next street colors?
sweetney said…
rachel: no, no, i find it funny, really. if i'd wanted the "publicity" i would have taken the questions seriously, and responded earnestly. but i'm just too much of a beeyatch. heh.

having said all that, i'm more than willing to join a gang. can we be pirates? please? c'mon -- BLOG PIRATES!!!
sweetney said…
ps: like the geek that i am, i'm on LJ, have TWO blogs on blogger, and sweetney is movable type. so umm does that mean i can join whatever gang i want?!?
Benn said…
Sweetney: So does that mean, since The MobTown Shank was included, that I was looking for 'publicity'? That everyone whose blog was included in the piece was looking for 'publicity'?

My responses were hardly serious, and actually, the questions we were asked seem to have nothing to do with the way the piece turned out.

My sense was that they were going more for an overview of the Baltimore Blogging scene. Trying to include a good representative for the different types of blogging going on in the area.
sweetney said…
benn, dude, i was *so* not slagging on any of the bloggers in it; my use of quotes was merely to denote that i was using the terms publicity loosely, as i tend to think of publicity as something one actively SEEKS out (or initiates or pays for), and as far as i know everyone in that piece did not go after the exposure, but were approached by the magazine.

at least 1/2 of the blogs covered i actively read and enjoy daily or near daily, including the shank. so, uhh, yeah. hope that clears things up.
Rachel said…
Wow, so this is what happens when I go away for a three hour meeting!
mike said…
Oh man. I would have commented sooner if wasn't blocked at work. You guys are evidently a horrible influence on white collar America. Actually I always dug this template. It makes everything look so authoritative and newsworthy.
sweetney said…
for the record: benn and i are all good.

just felt i needed to publicly state that. thanks.

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