Get Your Wizard On

The Childrens Bookstore, just five minutes away, is having their usual blow out Harry Potter event, with refreshments, contests, singing and sorting (which house do you think you'd get into?)on the 15th, 10:30pm to midnight.

For those of you who'd rather sleep through the night, Breathe Books, down the street, is offering a Harry Potter Brunch on the 16th. They'll read from the new book, have a costume contest and games. The first 30 people to sign up for the party will receive 15% off.


lisah said…
I thought I might just come and hang out at Atomic all day on the 16th dressed as Professor McGonagall. Is that okay?
prettyminotaur said…
I'm in Ravenclaw, hands down. The hat said so.
Rachel said…
You guys are adorkable.

Or is that ridorkulous?

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