Hot Hot Heat

Shit, it's around here. We have a heat advisory until 8pm, TOMORROW. We're going to be closing a bit early tonight. 5ish instead of 6ish.

Looks like things are heating up for our Canadian customers, as well, but in a different way. You wonder why it takes orders so much longer to ship to Canada then say, England, sometimes? They kind of hold things up at the border.


Geoff said…
I'm confused:
"Elbow Deep: 100% Hardcore Fisting" is admissible, but "G-1 Enema Battle" is prohibited?
Canadia is weird.
melusina said…
I thought Canada was all "we are so liberal, we are better than the U.S.". Hmm, maybe they are better because they don't allow the smut? Or maybe what is allowed in is dependant on the tastes of the Customs officer working that day?

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