July 16th - Feel The Magic!

No, I'm not talking about the new Harry Potter book (though we are still taking pre-orders for 40% off the cover price). And I'm definitely NOT talking about Amazon turning 10.

The real magic and the real birthday to celebrate is Keyboard Man's!

But just to get you dorks in the mood...let's revisit the now classic Harry Potter Parking Lot, from our very own Jeff Krulik.


Hey, Rachel ... if I were to provide you a bribe, could I pick up my copy of Harry Potter on Friday?
Rachel said…
Dude, bribes need to made in PRIVATE.

But seriously folks, if I were to sell this book before the official laydown down date I would never be able to get books before their release dates ever again.

I had to sign papers!

Some fool bookstore always puts them out early "by accident".
I used to work for a video rental company -- I know how strict they can be about "release dates" and what not. I was just kiddin' ... honest! :)

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