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The Post said that the notorious poopie eating in Pink Flamingos took place at Read and Park. But it's more like Read and Tyson, behind the old location of Atomic Books.


eebmore said…
ugh. did the post have nothing more creative to title that piece than "Welcome to Baltimore, Hon."????? And the opening word, a cheesy accented play on the word baltimore?


And yes, when the post tries to cover anything about baltimore, they are guaranteed to get the details all wrong.
greyplanet said…
if i ever, for some reason, need to make myself throw up- like i ate some bad food and i know that if i just puke and get it over with, i'll feel better- i always call up that scene from "pink flamingos" in my mind. something about the fact that divine is eating REAL dog shit just does it for me.
eebmore said…
Whoops, I just now bothered to read the article, not to mention just now noticing the post directly below this one. That was mighty obnoxious of me. Kudos for the good press! but couldn’t they have come up with a better title?
eebmore said…
greyplanet, I actually found Mr. Puckertalker even more disturbing.
Rachel said…
That's ok, eebmore, it's fun when you get all riled up.

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